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You Should Always Choose A Sustainable House Clearance Company

Protecting the environment has never been more important, and there could be legal requirements to consider
Sustainable house clearance companies

Greener House Clearances and the Environment

Sustainability and being more environmentally conscious is becoming more important every year and is reflected in the government’s green waste policies.

The UK is aiming for achieving a goal of how much waste is recycled, with the target of roughly 65% of the waste produced by the year 2035.

The goal is to reduce pollution and avoid unnecessary waste, with a desire to move away from the current landfill model to essentially recycle everything possible.

Because of this, waste disposal companies like Keke Waste Disposal aim to responsibly dispose of waste materials, often including donations of re-usable items to charity, and using professional waste processing companies to recycle as much as possible (we currently recycle around 90% of waste), in an eco-friendly way.

How Does Sustainable Waste Disposal Work?

Sustainable, eco-friendly waste disposal includes the proper collection of waste items, and then properly separating the collected waste so that all reusable or recyclable items can be dealt with appropriately, the focus being on resource recovery that is environmentally sound.

The same approach is taken by Keke whether it is domestic or commercial waste.

Some Benefits of Using Sustainable Waste Disposal

Some of the main benefits are:

  1. It helps to conserve resources that can be reused, rather than disposing of it and using new resources
  2. Recycling as much as possible saves energy and reduces carbon emissions compared to sourcing new resources
  3. It prevent over use of landfill, which can cause a variety of issues and environmental problems
  4. Items that are donated to charities can be given to people in need and help them during difficult times
  5. It is a good, ethical way to help the environment and avoid unnecessary pollution


How We Dispose Of Waste In A Responsible Way

  • We Recycle. Instead of everything going to landfill, as much as is possible is recycled so it can be repurposed
  • We Reuse. Some of the waste materials disposed by commercial and domestic clearances can be reused
  • We Donate. As much of the waste as possible that is still in good, usable condition is donated to charities and good causes
  • Generating Energy. Some waste can be processed to produce energy, rather than using new raw materials.


It is imperative that waste is disposed of in an environmentally and sustainable way. Please contact us at Keke for help in responsibly and sustainably disposing of your waste.

Make sure that your waste disposal company has the ability to provide a sustainable waste disposal service.

Always hire a disposal company that provides a legitimate and comprehensive waste disposal service.

Make sure that they dispose of waste in accordance with laws and legislation, and who use a professional waste processing company to recycle as much as possible.

This doesn’t just give you peace of mind that you’re being environmentally responsible, it will also protect you from legal issues if they dispose of the items incorrectly or illegally.

In the eyes of the law, you may be held responsible if, for example, they fly-tip the waste and it is traced back to you. The fines are quite hefty and can run into several thousands of pounds.


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