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What Size Skip Do I Need For a House Clearance?

skips for house clearances

Skip size for a house clearanceFor most (normal) house clearances (not hoarder house clearances) then you should be okay with a 12 yard or 14 yard skip, or maybe smaller, but if it is a large house clearance with a lot to remove, then the right question might be how many skips do I need.

The key to hiring the right sized skip is in being able to predict how many bags of waste you will need to move, and also understanding how much capacity for waste each skip size has.

The table below breaks down common skip sizes to how much rubbish you can fit into them:




Size of Skip (in Yards)Capacity (in black bin bags)Approx no. Wheelie Bins
2 Yards20 bin bags6 - 7
4 yards40 bin bags13
6 Yards60 bin bags20
8 yards80 bin bags25 - 27
10 Yards100 bin bags33
12 Yards120 bin bags40
14 yards140 bin bags45 - 48

Of course you also need to remember that there are some things that you can put into a skip, and some things that cannot be thrown in a skip.

What you need to consider is:

• What size skip do I need?
• What can I put in the skip?
• What can’t I put in the skip?
• How long do I have the skip for?
• Can the skip be left the road?

If you have lots of furniture and larger, bulky items to move, then you will need to think beyond just hiring skips.

Some items like fridges and freezers have to be disposed of properly, and there is a fee for each of them that you have to pay.

Some furniture might be able to be donated to charity, but if it is not in good condition they will not take it, and any fabric covered furniture will need to meet fire safety regulations or that will not be taken either.

Generally a skip is only really suitable for general household waste with a few exceptions.

What Can I Put In a House Clearance Skip?

You must understand what you can and can’t put in your skip to make sure you’re disposing of the waste in an environmentally (and legally!) responsible way.

Paper, cardboard, general rubbish, fabric, etc are fine, along with wood, wooden furniture, metals, plastics, and general rubble like tiles and brick.

Also okay is toys, clothes and bedding, and even UPVC windows and frames.

A responsible skip hire company will then make sure that everything that can be recycled is recycled, and only the bare minimum goes to landfill.

What Can’t I Put In a Skip During a House Clearance?

Some items cannot be disposed of in a skip. This includes:

  1. Dangerous materials like asbestos
  2. chemicals and solvents
  3. liquids
  4. batteries
  5. oils or other flammable substances
  6. tyres
  7. fridges
  8. freezers
  9. electrical equipment
  10. aerosols
  11. paint cans
  12. plasterboard
  13. medicines
  14. food waste

How Long Can I Have The Skip For (How Long Do I Have to Clear The Property)?

This all depends on what you negotiate with the skip hire company, but they want usually a quick turnaround, since they can earn nothing if their skips end up stuck on a driveway for 6 weeks at a time.

Usually you will have it for a few days at most, and after that will incur charges when you go over this timeframe.

It’s a very good idea to plan ahead, get everything you want to put into the skip sorted and ready, and then get it filled as soon as possible after it is delivered.

The last thing you want to be doing is starting after the skip is delivered, and then try to work out what can and can’t go into it, and what you can and can’t fit into it.

If you have planned ahead and broken down furniture, etc in advance, then you’ll be able to get the maximum amount of waste and rubbish into the skip possible.

Can I Leave a Skip For a House Clearance On The Road?

Ideally you want the skip to be on your driveway or garden, not on the public highway.

Safety is paramount, and apart from how you would feel if a skip on the road caused an accident, if it wasn’t clearly marked or lit then you can imagine the can of worms you would open for yourself.

You may need a skip permit to leave a skip on a public road.

What Are The Alternatives to a Skip for House Clearances?

Rather than hiring a skip and doing all of the hard work yourself, you might want to hire a professional house clearance company like Keke Waste Disposal.

Usually you will find that not only can we clear a house much faster than you would be able to, when you consider the cost of the skip, etc and you time, we work out at a comparable price, but without the headaches or backaches!

Skip size to clear a home

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