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What Are The Cheapest Ways To Clear A Hoarded House?

Learn about the most cost effective ways to clean a hoarded home
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Hoarding is more than just a messy habit; it’s a serious condition that can overwhelm individuals and families.

Clearing a hoarded house can be a daunting task, but I want to write an article, focusing on the UK, to provide you with affordable, efficient, and supportive methods.

Let’s explore the most practical and cheapest ways to clear a hoarded house.

Hoarding can have numerous underlying causes and overcoming it is no easy feat. This section will delve into hoarding in the UK, highlighting various methods, support services, and legal considerations.

  • Understanding Hoarding in the UK
    • Definition and Signs of Hoarding: Understanding what hoarding is and recognizing the signs is the first step.
    • Legal Considerations and Local Council Support: Learn about the UK’s laws related to hoarding and how local councils can provide support.
  • DIY Clearing Methods
    • Sorting and Organising: Tips on sorting items and determining what to keep or dispose of.
    • Cleaning and Maintenance: How to effectively clean the area after decluttering.
    • Recycling and Donating: Information on recycling centres and charities that accept donations in the UK.
  • Professional Help and Services
    • Finding Affordable Professional Clearing Services: Tips on finding budget-friendly services.
    • Psychological Support and Therapy: Where to find professional mental health support to cope with hoarding tendencies.
  • Prevention and Ongoing Management
    • Implementing Organisational Systems: How to keep clutter at bay.
    • Building Support Networks: How to find or create support groups and communities.
    • Regular Check-Ins and Follow-Ups: The importance of regular monitoring to prevent relapse.

Understanding Hoarding in the UK

Hoarding isn’t merely a habit of collecting; it’s often a manifestation of deeper emotional or mental health issues. It is essential to recognize and understand this condition to address it effectively.

Definition and Signs of Hoarding

Hoarding is the excessive accumulation of items, regardless of value, and the inability to discard them. Signs include:

  • Cluttered living spaces
  • Difficulty in discarding items
  • Emotional distress when attempting to declutter

Understanding these signs can help you or a loved one take the first step towards clearing a hoarded house.

Legal Considerations and Local Council Support

In the UK, hoarding may fall under the Mental Health Act or the Environmental Health Act, depending on its severity and impact on neighbours. Local councils can provide support, such as:

  • Assessment and Support Plans: Many councils offer assessments to determine the necessary support.
  • Link to Mental Health Services: Connection to mental health professionals who understand hoarding.

DIY Clearing Methods

If you’re planning to clear a hoarded house yourself, following some well-structured strategies can make the process more manageable.

Sorting and Organising

Start by categorizing items:

  • Keep: Items that are essential or have significant emotional value.
  • Recycle or Donate: Items in good condition that can be given away.
  • Dispose: Items that are broken or unusable.

Cleaning and Maintenance

After sorting, thorough cleaning is crucial:

  • Use Appropriate Cleaning Supplies: Select cleaning products suitable for different surfaces.
  • Consider Hiring Cleaning Equipment: Sometimes professional cleaning tools can be hired at a reasonable cost.
  • Set a Regular Cleaning Schedule: Consistency is key to maintaining a tidy space.

Recycling and Donating

In the UK, there are plenty of options to recycle or donate:

  • Local Recycling Centres: Most councils have recycling centres for various materials.
  • Charity Shops: Many charities accept donations of clothing, books, and household items.
  • Online Platforms for Giving Away Items: Websites like Freecycle allow you to give away items for free.

Professional Help and Services

Sometimes, DIY methods might not be enough. There are professional services available that specialize in hoarding situations, like our hoarded house clearance service.

Finding Affordable Professional Clearing Services

Professional help doesn’t have to be expensive. Tips to find affordable services:

  • Request Multiple Quotes: Compare quotes from different companies to find the best deal.
  • Check for Discounts and Packages: Some companies offer discounts for large projects or bundled services.
  • At Keke we’re here to help you – please feel free to contact us for no-obligation advice, help and an idea of costs.

Psychological Support and Therapy

Since hoarding can be tied to mental health, seeking professional help may be essential:

  • NHS Support: In the UK, the NHS offers various mental health services, including therapy for hoarding disorders.
  • Private Therapists Specialising in Hoarding: These professionals have the experience to assist with the underlying issues of hoarding.

Prevention and Ongoing Management

Preventing relapse is equally important. Here’s how you can achieve that:

Implementing Organisational Systems

Adopting proper organisational systems will help you maintain a clutter-free environment:

  • Use Shelving and Storage Solutions: Store items neatly.
  • Label and Categorize: Labelling helps in locating items and maintaining order.

Building Support Networks

Having a supportive network can be vital:

  • Join Support Groups: There are various support groups in the UK that deal with hoarding.
  • Stay Connected with Family and Friends: Regular interaction with loved ones can provide essential emotional support.

Regular Check-Ins and Follow-Ups

Commit to regular check-ins with yourself or a loved one:

  • Set Regular Review Dates: Schedule regular reviews to ensure that the space stays clear.
  • Seek Ongoing Professional Support if Needed: Continuous therapy might be necessary for some individuals.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is hoarding and how can I recognize it? Hoarding is the compulsive need to collect items and an inability to part with them, leading to excessive clutter. Signs include difficulty in discarding things, distress when attempting to declutter, and cluttered living spaces.
  2. Are there legal considerations for hoarding in the UK? Yes, depending on the severity and impact, hoarding might fall under the Mental Health Act or the Environmental Health Act in the UK.
  3. Can I clear a hoarded house myself? Yes, with careful planning and adherence to the strategies like sorting, cleaning, and recycling, you can clear a hoarded house yourself.
  4. Where can I find professional help for hoarding in the UK? Professional help can be found through local council support, NHS mental health services, and private therapists specialising in hoarding.
  5. How can I prevent hoarding from happening again? Prevention methods include implementing organizational systems, building support networks, and regular check-ins and follow-ups.
  6. What are the cheapest ways to clear a hoarded house in the UK? The cheapest ways to clear a hoarded house include DIY methods like sorting, cleaning, recycling, and donating, along with seeking affordable professional help if needed.


Clearing a hoarded house in the UK doesn’t have to be a costly or overwhelming process.

By understanding the context of hoarding, employing DIY methods, seeking professional help when needed, and implementing prevention strategies, you can find the cheapest ways to clear a hoarded house.

Whether you are dealing with this issue yourself or assisting a loved one, the steps outlined in this article will guide you through the journey of decluttering and maintaining a harmonious living space.

Feel free to contact us for advice or to check prices for our professional, affordable hoarder house clearance service.


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