Looking for a local house clearance company?

Local house clearance company.

If it's a local house clearance company you are looking for, then you are most definitely in the correct place, we offer the nation's best clearance service without the big price tag.

Local house clearance

Local house clearance

Local house clearance service

We offer a local house clearance service nationwide there is not a town city or village we don't cover within the UK, we are based throughout the uk to better help us donate to charities and above all keep costs down for our clients.

What does our local house clearance service entail ?

We are a house clearance company and that's exactly what we do, we clear all types of properties from top to bottom we can go in attics and cellars we can clear all out buildings including garages, we can disconnect and remove all white goods. This is no problem for our local house clearance teams.

How does it work ?

We usually require 48 hours notice to clear properties, we like to arrange to meet our clients at 9am this gives our teams a full day to clear your property. Most clearances only take 1 day, to put it into perspective a large 3 bedroom home with a garage and shed (NOT HOARDED) would take our teams 1 day to finish fully.

My property is hoarded ?

Our local house clearance service teams undertake hoarded house clearances on a regular basis and nothing phases our teams, just take a look at some of our previous work. Gallery 

What happens to my waste ?

All waste removed from properties are separated into items that can be donated to charities and items that can't, the items that can't be donated are taken to pro recycling companies where a large amount is recycled nothing goes straight to landfill.

Local house clearance

Donate to charities


We are big on recycling but even bigger on donating to charities this is a big part of our team training to keep as much as possible of our customers waste going to landfill.

5 star ratings


We are proud to show off our five star reviews, we believe we offer a local house clearance service that is tried and tested.



We try to donate as much as possible but even when things can't be donated don't worry because we pay pro recycling centres to recycle your waste.

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