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How Much Does It Cost To Clear A 3 Bedroom House?

3 bedrooms house clearance prices

What does a 3 bedroom house clearance costWe get asked this question a lot and it’s difficult to give an exact price because each house clearance cost depends on the number of items and quantity of rubbish to be removed, plus your location however…

…On average a 3 bedroom house clearance in the UK will cost somewhere between £695 and £950. There are extra costs (imposed by local councils) for electrical items, fridges, freezers, etc that could add to the price.

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Average Cost of a 3-Bedroomed House Clearance Service

As already mentioned, the cost of clearing a house with 3 bedrooms can vary dramatically depending on the size of the home, the types of items that need to be cleared, and the quantity that needs removing and disposing of, recycling, or that can be donated.

You can see a recent 3 bedroom house clearance we did in the video below, or on our blog post here.

See a brief breakdown of house clearance costs so you can see where the costs are coming from.

In general though, big, bulky, and heavy items take up much more space in a removals van, and so can lead to more than 1 van load being required.

This can lead to an increase in costs.

On top of that, lots of electrical equipment, items that need to be disposed of carefully, or to fulfil legislative/legal requirements also incur more costs (this can be anything from fridges, to oil and paints, to biological waste).

Even simple electrical items like kettles, toasters, irons, radios and TVs can cost £5 each to recycle in accordance with the Waste From Electrical And Electronic Equipment (WEEE) act.

If you think how many electrical items the average house has in it, you can see that this can add up quickly.

If the house is hoarded then this becomes a specialist and time-consuming job, and the costs will inevitably be higher.

Can I Clear A 3 Bed House For A Cheaper Price?

The simple answer is yes if you’re prepared to break the law.

You could hire some local “man with a van” to come and clear your house at a lower price, although it won’t be much cheaper…


If they were to dump the contents illegally by fly-tipping, or not fulfil the legal requirements and it ends up being traced back to you (it only takes one letter or piece of paper with an address on it), then you could be looking at a fine of up to £50,000.

Yes, that’s FIFTY THOUSAND POUNDSand on top of that you could also face a prison sentence.

It doesn’t matter that you personally didn’t break the law, you employed the people who did.

So you are the person that will face prosecution.

It really is best to use a professional waste carrier like Keke with the official licenses from the Environment Agency and with insurance to cover all bases.

How much is a 3 bedroom house clearance

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