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House Clearance When You’re Moving House

10 Steps For A House Clearance When Moving Home
house clearance moving home

House Clearance When Moving Home – 10 Simple Steps to Make It Go Like Clockwork

Moving to a new home is an exciting and often stressful experience.

One of the essential tasks that come with moving is house clearance. It involves decluttering, packing, and disposing of unwanted items before the move.

Proper house clearance can make your move smoother, less stressful, and save you time and money. In this article, we will discuss a step-by-step guide on house clearance for moving home.

At Keke we can help you with this and make everything run like clockwork.

House Clearance When You're Moving Home

  1. Plan Your House Clearance

The first step in clearing your house for moving is to plan.

Create a checklist of all the rooms, items, and possessions you want to keep, donate, sell, or dispose of. Planning ahead ensures you have enough time to pack and declutter properly.

  1. Sort and Declutter

Before you start packing, you need to declutter your home.

Sort your belongings into categories such as keep, donate, sell, or dispose of.

You can sell unwanted items on online platforms such as eBay, Gumtree, or Facebook marketplace.

You can donate items to charity or recycle them if possible.

Decluttering can be a therapeutic experience that helps you let go of unwanted possessions.

  1. Hire a House Clearance Company Like Keke

If you have a lot of items to dispose of or lack the time and resources to clear your home, consider hiring a house clearance company like Keke.

A reputable house clearance company will help you clear your house quickly and efficiently. We can also dispose of your unwanted items responsibly, ethically and in an environmentally friendly way.

  1. Pack and Label

Once you have decluttered and sorted your possessions, it’s time to start packing.

Use sturdy boxes, bubble wrap, and packing tape to pack your items. Label each box with the contents, room, and fragile items.

Proper labelling ensures you can unpack quickly and efficiently in your new home.

  1. Dispose of Unwanted Items Responsibly

It’s essential to dispose of your unwanted items responsibly.

You can recycle or donate items such as clothes, books, and furniture to charity.

Hazardous items such as chemicals, paints, or batteries require special disposal.

At Keke we can do all of this for you, including disposing of hazardous items safely and responsibly.

  1. Clean Your Home

After you have packed and cleared your home, it’s time to clean.

Cleaning your home before you move out ensures you leave it in good condition for the next occupant.

You can hire a professional cleaning company or clean your home yourself. We can help you with this too.

  1. Consider Storage Solutions

If you don’t have enough space in your new home or need to store items temporarily, consider storage solutions.

Storage solutions such as self-storage units provide a secure and convenient way to store your possessions.

  1. Final Checks

Before you move out, make sure you do a final check of your home. Ensure you have packed and labelled all your boxes, disconnected all utilities, and closed and locked all windows and doors.

  1. Keep Essential Items with You

Keep essential items such as documents, valuables, and essentials with you during the move. This ensures you have access to them when you need them.

  1. Unpack and Organize in Your New Home

Once you have moved into your new home, unpack and organize your possessions.

Start with essential items such as kitchenware and bed linen. Unpack room by room and organize your items according to their purpose.

There is a lot to think about and if you have a lot to clear or need help with the heavy lifting feel free to contact us to discuss your needs.

House Clearance When You're Moving Home

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