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House Clearance Charity Donations

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House Clearance Charity Donations

At Keke Waste Disposal we make sure that everything from each house clearance is carefully checked through so that we can donate as much as possible to local charities.

We understand how difficult it is to have to clear a house, especially if a loved one has passed away, and we sympathise and completely understand that the contents of a home represent a lifetime of memories, not a property full of junk.

For this reason we aim to donate as much as possible to both national and local charities, where possible we feel it is a touching gesture to donate to local charities to help local people in need.

All useful general household items like plates, cutlery, pans, etc will be welcomed by all charity organisations.

Some charities have specialised locations that deal with furniture and more bulky items, so even wardrobes, drawers, beds and other furniture can often be donated.

Even tins and packets of food can be donated to food bank charities that aim to tackle food poverty.

Bedding, linen, towels and clothes that are in good condition will be accepted by charity shops and homeless shelters, while blankets, bedding and towels in less good condition can be donated to animal shelters.

Rescue charities for dogs for example go through an enormous amount of linen and textiles for animal bedding, they are usually more than thankful to receive these kinds of items.

Everything that can be made use of and donated to charity will be.

We aim to donate as much as possible first, then recycle as much of what’s left, with the absolute minimum ending up at landfill.

This is good for both the charities and the environment, and a fitting legacy to you and your loved one, that their possessions are making a difference in the lives of grateful people who need help and support.

Local & National Charities We Donate To

We work with many local charity organisations, plus all of the bigger national charities, such as The British Heart Foundation, The NSPCC, Cancer Research, Barnardo’s, The Royal British Legion, RSPCA, Marie Curie, and many, many more.

The Types Of Items We Donate To Charity

We always make sure that as much as is possible can be donated. This includes:

  • Beds, furniture, sofas and soft furnishings (that comply with current fire regulations)
  • Bedding, linen and clothes
  • Some white goods and electrical items
  • General house-hold utensils, crockery, etc
  • Bric-a-brac that is in good order
  • Food (that is in date)


We always make sure that any items that are suitable to be donated to charity are kept to one side.

  1. This reduces costs which helps us to keep our fees as reasonable as possible
  2. Helps us to pass these savings to you
  3. Helps the environment by reducing landfill
  4. And hopefully makes you feel good in the knowledge that you’ve helped other people and good causes.


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