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Yes, house clearance companies will remove clothes from a property during a clearance, this includes shoes, coats, and all other items of clothing and material.

Do house clearance companies take clothesUsually, they will look to donate anything suitable to local charities to help people in need, and as much as possible of everything else will be recycled.

Good quality clothes can be sold by charity shops to help fund further charitable work, while providing reasonably priced clothing for people on a budget.

Alternatively clothing can be handed out to homeless people and people who cannot afford to buy new, this also includes all types of textiles and fabrics, like blankets, bedding and sheets.

Even blankets, sheets and fabrics that have seen better days will be happily accepted by dog charities and animal shelters for bedding – you’d be amazed by how much they get through, and every donation of bedding helps to save money and thereby help more animals.

Any materials and fabrics that aren’t suitable for these uses will usually be recycled and re-used in other ways, so literally hardly anything will go to waste.

Type of Clothing/FabricWhat We Do With It
Good Quality ClothingDonate to local charities / homeless people
Good Quality BeddingDonate to local charities / homeless people
Lesser Quality BeddingDonate to animal shelters for bedding, etc
Poorer Condition FabricsRecycle

How Keke Sort House Clearance Clothing & Fabrics

At Keke we certainly send very little clothing or other cotton, wool, etc to landfill, we make sure that every last scrap is used as efficiently as possible.

This is not only good for charities, people in need, and the environment, but it helps to reduce all of our carbon footprints at the same time.

We always look to try and donate items from any house clearance to local deserving charities, but of course if you wanted to you could sort through the clothing first and take the items you feel are in good condition and donate them yourself to your own favoured organisation.

Then leave us to deal with the rest for you.

It could be that some items of clothing (like designer labels, shoes, handbags, briefcases, etc) might have some value, so you could also sell some of these if you wanted to offset the cost of the house clearance.

Summary of What Happens to Clothing From Property Clearances

In summary, yes house clearance companies will take clothing and other fabrics.

They will donate them where possible to local charities, then recycle what’s left, with practically nothing going to waste.

Please feel free to get in touch with us to discuss this or any other questions you have.

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