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Do House Clearance Take Carpets?

YES – house clearance companies will remove and dispose of carpets and floor coverings
house clearances remove carpets

Disposing of Carpets & Flooring During a House Clearance

Yes, carpets will be removed during a house clearance if you need them disposed of, along with underlay, floor tiles, etc.

Do house clearance companies take carpetsCarpets and other types of flooring can be problematic if you’re trying to remove and dispose of them yourself because of the size and bulkiness once they are lifted.

Some types of flooring or carpeting can deteriorate and start to crumble or fall apart too, it can be quite a messy, dirty job to take them up.

Old carpets have often absorbed odours and can also be stained or soiled, which can create smells and make a property feel “dirty”.

Disposing of them can also be tricky – due to their size and bulk transporting them to the local tip can be difficult, you might not be able to fit them inside your car.

Can I just put the carpet in my bin?

Getting rid of old carpet isn’t quite as easy as just sticking it in a bin bag and putting it out for the dustbin men to take away.

There are a few things to consider:

  • Because of the size of old carpets, the refuse collectors can’t just take it away in the dustbin wagon.
  • Some carpets can be recycled, and if this is possible it should definitely be the option you choose.
  • However, some councils class carpet as general waste, and might want you to organise a bulk waste collection – for which there will probably be a charge.


If you only have a small amount of carpet or tiles then you can put small amounts in your household waste bin, and if you have access to a large (trade) waste bin then you can put carpet in that (within reason), although many councils require it to be cut into small, manageable pieces.

How much does it cost to remove carpet?

At Keke we work out costs based on how many van loads it will take to remove items (pricing table below).

This includes waste handling and processing fees.

For most homes, it’s unlikely that you’d need more than 1 van load, but we’ll be happy to advise you on that beforehand.


The average UK house clearance cost is £805 PLUS VAT - Our prices are lower and INCLUDE VAT - saving you £271 on a standard house clearance!

Standard House Clearance£695Including VAT!
Larger House Clearance£695+ (contact for exact quote)Including VAT!
Hoarder House Clearance£Dependent on scale of jobPlease contact for quote
Other Clearances£Dependent on scale of jobPlease contact for quote

Let Us Help You!

Do you have carpets that need removing and disposing of? Contact us for a free, no-obligation quote or call us on 07752346252.

At Keke we are regularly asked to take carpets during a house clearance or even sometimes as an individual job.

We’re more than happy to take up old carpets, underlay and other types of flooring, and dispose of it for you correctly and legally.

Will carpets be removed during a house clearance

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