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5 Things You Should Know About Disposing Of Fridges

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The Main Things To Know When You Need To Get Rid Of A Fridge

At some point your fridge will need to be replaced, or there may be one in a house clearance that needs to go.

There are some important things you must consider when getting rid of a fridge:

  1.    How to dispose of an old refrigerator properly (and legally)
  2.    Why you can’t just throw away an old fridge
  3.    Can fridges be recycled
  4.    How much does it cost to remove an old fridge
  5.    Will scrap men take old fridges

How to dispose of a fridge

How to dispose of an old refrigerator properly (and legally)

When you’re looking to dispose of a fridge, your options are:

Sell It

If the fridge still works you could sell it rather than dispose of it, which will put money in your pocket, rather than costing you money to get rid of it.

Alternatively you could donate it to charity, or give it away free to someone who needs a fridge.

Retailer Removal

If you’ve bought a new fridge the shop you bought from might offer a recycling service for an additional fee.

Take it to a local tip or Household Waste Recycling Centre (HWRC)

Some tips and HWRC centres do take fridges, but check first, also use an appropriate vehicle and secure it properly to avoid coolant spills.

Local Council

Some local councils offer a fridge removal service, but they usually charge a fee. It might be cheaper than a house clearance company, but you’ll need to move the fridge outside for them, which may be difficult depending on where you live, etc.

House Clearance Company

Contact a house clearance company for a price (our prices are below).

Why you can’t just throw away an old fridge

Because of hazardous chemicals like CFCs inside a fridge, it must be disposed of properly, so you can’t leave them on the roadside for a scrap man to take, or dump it at any tip (not all tips take them).

Can fridges be recycled?

Yes, almost 90% – 95% of a fridge can be recycled.

It is quite a complex process with CFCs needing to be removed from oil, the fridge being shredded in a special enclosure, and insulation being separated and collected.

Once the harmful chemicals have been removed, and the process is complete any oil, metal, plastic, etc can be reused.

How much does it cost to remove an old fridge?

The price for a domestic fridge disposal starts at £30, our full price list is below:


The average UK house clearance cost is £805 PLUS VAT - Our prices are lower and INCLUDE VAT - saving you £271 on a standard house clearance!

Standard House Clearance£695Including VAT!
Larger House Clearance£695+ (contact for exact quote)Including VAT!
Hoarder House Clearance£Dependent on scale of jobPlease contact for quote
Other Clearances£Dependent on scale of jobPlease contact for quote

Will scrap men take old fridges?

No. Because of the chemicals and legal requirements regarding disposing of fridges, scrap men cannot dispose of your fridge for you.

There is a legal duty (to you) to the Waste Duty Of Care Regulations 2005.

These say that you have to either hand over the fridge to a licensed household waste facility (HWRC), or use a professional company that has been officially approved by the Environment Agency.

How to dispose of a refrigerator

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