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10 Tips For Clearing Your House

10 tips to make your house clearance go smoothly
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Our Top Ten House Clearance Tips

Here are our top 10 tips for a smooth house clearance that will save you time, headaches, and money.

1) Make sure to remove anything you want to keep like valuables, furniture, paperwork and photos, etc before the house clearance.

If you can’t remove it prior to the clearance, then put it all in one room, clearly marked that it isn’t to be disposed of.

2) If there are things in cupboards or under the sink, etc and you can remove them yourself, it will save the clearance company time, and could save you money on the clearance cost.

3) If you can remove clothing, bedding etc (a lot will be taken by charities), then again it saves the clearance company time, and could save you money.

4) Also ask local charities to come and take what they want, they will often take beds, furniture, and some of the heavier items if they are re-usable. This will save the clearance company a lot of time, and because they charge by the van load it could cut your bill drastically.

5) When you ask for a quote be sure to give as much detail and be as accurate as possible. Include things like fridges and ovens, etc, how many rooms need to be cleared, etc.

6) Be clear about the type of property to be cleared, like for example is it a private house that will go up for sale, or a council house that needs the carpets taking up?

The amount of work required will have an impact on the cost.

7) Try to book the earliest time slot in the day, especially if there is a lot to clear. It can take a whole day, or sometimes 2 days to clear large properties, or hoarded homes.

8) Once the clearance company arrive let them get on with the job. The less distraction there is the faster it will be, and the less it will cost you. Leave your number so if there are any issues or questions they can get hold of you.

9) Once the job is done go through the property with a member of the clearance company to make sure everything has been removed, and what was agreed upon has been done.

10) IMPORTANT: Make sure you are very careful with paperwork, legal documents, and financial details.

Anything that needs to be disposed of should be shredded or where necessary destroyed. Identity theft is a major problem today, and you don’t want important personal documents being found by a criminal and then having even more headaches to deal with.

All of these will help you to achieve the easiest house clearance at the lowest price and with the minimum stress.

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